Finding the Balance
Shelley L. Hallmark

My only concerns in this life are the quality of it and I don't mean the material things because I can't take any of that with me when I go. It's the little moments when nothing monumental is happening, those are the ones that bring me the most happiness within. I want to enjoy being with the people that matter the most to me, that is luxury, that is richness.

Connecting with people on a soul level is inspiring within my heart. It's like they are touching my heart when they aren't physically anywhere near it. Sometimes people don't know it but the little things they do can take my breath away.

There is a good line from the movie "Meet Joe Black" that represents this sort of contentment and the luxury of it "if we lucky maybe we got some nice pictures to take with us".

It's not any one thing that someone does that touches me so deeply and I wouldn't even be able to tell someone about what triggers it. It's an emotional thing inside that's different for each and every person. Now I don't know if I became more emotional after I had my daughter or not, although it felt like it. I do believe that your heart does expand but the soul connection stimulus I speak of is similar emotions to events that can make you cry (being proud of someone close, any kind of unexpected achievements, weddings, funerals, etc.) you get the idea. They grasp you and all of a sudden you are there, shocked at your own reaction within but nonetheless there.

Acceptance is something that each of us comes to in our own time, and by acceptance I mean it as a form of Contentment. When we start to live and view our lives in a more contented state we are experiencing an acceptance within. It's not acceptance as in "I can't get there from here, so I won't try", it's more like being satisfied with where you are. I'm not saying accept where you are even if you don't like it. Do not ever stop striving for what you want out of life, but acknowledge where you are now. Look at all of the beautiful things that you have in your life and be thankful and appreciative of them. Have gratitude for all obstacles you have had the strength to overcome. Obstacles aren't just physical they are also emotional and it is just as important to overcome them.

Be proud of all of your accomplishments big and small for each of them brings us a greater wisdom. If you can appreciate the tiny things in life than the bigger ones are that much more valuable.